Completeness analyzer

Asserts the completeness of your data by ensuring that all required fields are filled.

Analyzer Distributed execution possible
  • Row count

    Not parameterized
  • Valid row count

    Not parameterized
  • Invalid row count

    Not parameterized
  • Values

    Values to check for completeness

    List of InputColumn<Object> Required
  • Conditions

    The conditions of which a value is determined to be filled or not

    List of Choice: Not <blank> or <null> Not <null> <null> required <blank> or <null> required Mapped with Values Required
  • Evaluation mode

    Choice: When all fields are incomplete, the record is incomplete When any field is incomplete, the record is incomplete Required
  • Additional output values

    Optional additional values to add to output data streams

    List of InputColumn<Object> Optional