Create CSV file

Write data to a CSV file. CSV file writing is extremely fast and the file format is commonly used in many tools. But CSV files do not preserve data types.

Analyzer Distributed execution possible Alias: Write to CSV file
  • Errornous rows

    Not parameterized
  • Inserts

    Not parameterized
  • Updates

    Not parameterized
  • File

    Resource Required
  • Separator char

    char Optional
  • Quote char

    Character Optional
  • Escape char

    Character Optional
  • Include header

    boolean Optional
  • Encoding

    Character-set encoding to write data with

    String Optional
  • Column to be sorted on

    An optional column to sort all records with. Note that sorting can add substantial performance penalties to the overall operation.

    InputColumn<Object> Optional
  • Columns

    List of InputColumn<Object> Required
  • Fields

    List of String Mapped with Columns Optional
  • Overwrite file if exists

    boolean Required