Delete from table

Delete records in a table. Records matching the specified condition(s) will be deleted in batch.

Analyzer Concurrent Distributed execution possible
  • Errornous rows

    Not parameterized
  • Inserts

    Not parameterized
  • Updates

    Not parameterized
  • Condition values

    Values that make up the condition for the rows to delete

    List of InputColumn<Object> Required
  • Condition column names

    Names of columns in the target table, which form the condition of the delete.

    List of String Mapped with Condition values Required
  • Datastore

    Datastore to delete from

    UpdateableDatastore Required
  • Schema name

    Schema name of target table

    String Optional
  • Table name

    Table to target (delete from)

    String Optional
  • Buffer size

    How much data to buffer before committing batches of data. Large batches often perform better, but require more memory.

    Choice: Huge (1M values) Large (100k values) Medium (10k values) Small (1000 values) Tiny (100 values) Required
  • How to handle deletion errors?

    Choice: Stop the job Save errornuos records to file Required
  • Error log file location

    Directory or file path for saving erroneous records

    File Optional
  • Additional error log values

    Additional values to write to error log

    List of InputColumn<Object> Optional