Pattern finder

The Pattern Finder will inspect your String values and generate and match string patterns that suit your data.

It can be used for a lot of purposes but is excellent for verifying or getting ideas about the format of the string-values in a column.

Kasper's Source: Pattern Finder 2.0
Analyzer Concurrent Distributed execution possible
  • Match count

    Parameterized by value
  • Pattern count

    Not parameterized
  • Column

    InputColumn<String> Required
  • Group column

    Optional column to group patterns by

    InputColumn<String> Optional
  • Discriminate text case

    Separate text tokens based on case

    boolean Optional
  • Discriminate negative numbers

    Separate number tokens based on negativity

    boolean Optional
  • Discriminate decimals

    Separate number tokens for decimals

    boolean Optional
  • Enable mixed tokens

    Use '?'-tokens for mixed text and numbers

    boolean Optional
  • Ignore repeated spaces

    Ignore whitespace differences

    boolean Optional
  • Upper case patterns expand in size

    Auto-adjust/expand uppercase text tokens

    boolean Optional
  • Lower case patterns expand in size

    Auto-adjust/expand lowercase text tokens

    boolean Optional
  • Predefined token name

    String Optional
  • Predefined token regexes

    List of String Optional
  • Decimal separator

    Character Optional
  • Thousands separator

    Character Optional
  • Minus sign

    Character Optional