Regex parser

Parses strings using a regular expression and transforms it into substrings based on regex groups.A few examples:

  • Match 3-dimensional size specification (e.g. '42x61x3') anywhere in a string:
  • Match two words:
    (\w+) (\w+)
  • Match a hash-sign and 3 pairs of hexadecimal digits (using pseudo-characters of Java regular expressions):

Regex parsing with DataCleaner
Java Tutorials: Regular Expressions Lesson
Transformer Concurrent Distributed execution possible
  • Mode

    The expression-and-value matching mode employed

    Choice: Find first match Find all matches Match the complete value Required
  • Pattern

    A regular expression containing group tokens, marked by parantheses.

    Example: ([a-z]+)_(\d*)

    Pattern Required
  • Value

    InputColumn<String> Required