Table lookup

Perform a lookup based on a table in any of your registered datastore (like a LEFT join).

Transformer Concurrent Distributed execution possible Alias: Datastore lookup
  • Category count

    Parameterized by value
  • Cache lookups

    Use a client-side cache to avoid looking up multiple times with same inputs.

    boolean Required
  • Condition columns

    List of String Mapped with Table name Optional
  • Condition values

    List of InputColumn<Object> Optional
  • Datastore

    Datastore Required
  • Join semantic

    Which kind of semantic to apply to the lookup, compared to a SQL JOIN.

    Choice: Left join (max 1 record) Inner join Left join Required
  • Output columns

    List of String Mapped with Table name Required
  • Schema name

    String Mapped with Datastore Required
  • Table name

    String Mapped with Schema name Required