We’ve cut another release of DataCleaner, modernizing your favourite open source Data Quality tool to be able to keep up with the latest database versions, the latest Java distributions and so on.

This release doesn’t change much in terms of features and functions in the application itself, but it DOES make sure that everything works also on the latest technology. The release upgrades several key dependencies:

  • Apache POI (used for reading Excel spreadsheets) is now at version 4.
  • Apache Hive is now at version 2.
  • Apache Hadoop is now at version 3.
  • Apache HBase is now at version 2.

In addition, several internal libraries used have been upgraded to ensure that DataCleaner runs smoothly on all the available Java runtimes out there, and at the best performance possible, too.

You can find DataCleaner 5.6.0 now at the Downloads page.