Today we saw an announcement from Neopost that they are divesting from the Data Quality space and have sold Human Inference to the Dutch company EDM Media Group. With this sale, the DataCleaner commercial editions will get a new home with EDM instead of Neopost/Quadient.

The open source community editions of DataCleaner (provided via this site) are unaffected. DataCleaner is still an open source project on GitHub. We congratulate the teams at Human Inference for a successful acquisition by a new owner that will no doubt be great tenants to the commercial brand of DataCleaner.

As for the open source community, we continue on in delivering the greatest freely avaliable Data Quality solution available. You may be wondering about the roadmap for DataCleaner community edition, and it just happened to be that this weekend we opened this Twitter poll to gauge the interest for various features in the community.

Please help provide your feedback on this topic.

We’ve also just opened a new Gitter chat channel which will allow community members to have a higher degree of interaction. Several community members have a past work-relationship either in Human Inference, Neopost or Quadient. With the Gitter chat we hope to provide a way for people to keep in touch and to continue collaborating on the future direction of DataCleaner.